Administrative Data

Administrative Data is responsible for the following basic data registers: The Danish Administrative Geographical Division (DAGI), The Danish Address Register and Danish Place Names.

We ensure correct, unique, and easily accessible basic data on addresses, administrative divisions and geographical names. We are also responsible for administrative data updates of GeoDanmark. As well as this, we also have overall responsibility for tasks within the address area, including guidance and information on determining addresses, and being appellate body for the address area. We make agreements with other authorities on collection and use of their data in connection with the Agency’s own data. Finally, we house a legal department that assists the entire agency with legal matters, general legal aid, tenders and revision of contracts.

Key tasks

  • The Danish Address Register, The Danish Administrative Geographical Division (DAGI) and Danish Place Names.
  • Address legislation, guidance and information on addresses and appellate body for the address area.
  • Legal work and general legal aid related to the Agency’s work, for example, revision of contracts and tenders.
  • Collection of data from other authorities to use as supplement/referencing or updating the Agency’s own data.
  • Updating data in administrative processes, such as administrative updating of GeoDanmark data.

Head of department: Gry Olivia Christophersen (Constituted)

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