Data Bank

Data Bank is central to building a coherent data infrastructure, where data from many different sources works together and can be used in a variety of situations. It is our job to coordinate and facilitate implementation of the Danish infrastructure for geographical information, and to ensure that the data content can be combined for wider use within digital administration. These tasks are especially relevant for the Strategy 2020 goal of creating a good foundation on which decisions can be made, and the effort to make different data usable together. 

Key tasks

  • Determine and ensure compliance with a common data architecture
  • Facilitate cooperation on the development of relevant cross-references
  • Coordinate and facilitate the establishment of cohesive data models
  • Run and develop a platform for managing data in a number of professional registers
  • Run and develop a shared data bank that collects data to be used together

Head of department: Hanne Majken Andersen

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