At Geodata we work to create an updated picture of our country and society, benefitting the public as well as the private sector.

We are responsible for the GeoDanmark cooperation between the state and the municipalities on the mapping of Denmark. We work on the general GeoDanmark data for such elements as buildings, roads, streams and lakes; providing a shape and a quality to the mapping that supports an effective public administration. For example, we work to support the use of GeoDanmark data in new real estate assessment.

In order to create the most accurate and up-to-date picture of Denmark possible, the whole country is photographed aerially once a year. Based on this, we update the general GeoDanmark data. For this purpose, we work with private companies on aerial photos and the production of map data. Similarly, we also work closely with the municipalities on pinpointing changes in the landscape, e.g. road engineering and construction.

We are hugely knowledgeable on matters such as collection, interpretation and use of pictures and data from airplanes and satellites. This expertise is used in the production of GeoDanmark data, for example, within the arctic area and in terms of climate adaptation, etc. We are also specialists when it comes to satellites, participating as the Danish representative in the common European satellite programme, Copernicus.

GeoDanmark’s aerial photos, map data, etc. are made freely available to everyone.

Key tasks

  • Responsible for the GeoDanmark collaboration. Including operation of the general secretariat for GeoDanmark, together with Local Government Denmark.
  • Development and update of GeoDanmark data. This includes EU tender processes, supply management, cooperation with municipalities, as well as quality management and control.
  • Support the use of GeoDanmark data in new public management areas, for example, new real estate assessment.
  • Collection, interpretation and use of pictures and data from airplanes and satellites. Including participation in common, public-sector forums on matters such as the possible uses of satellite data.

Head of department: Dennis Anthony

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