IT management and operations

IT management and operations work with a wide range of IT and data-related tasks. Among other things, we support the rest of the Agency with the development of IT systems, including standardisation of the organisation’s business architecture, IT architecture and choice of technology and applications. We also perform actual screening and development tasks, and coordinate the Agency’s many IT contracts, whilst also keeping track of the operational IT-based economy.

We represent both the Agency and the Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate in many collaborations and forums within the public sector and internationally. For example, we participate in working on architecture for digitalisation within the general public digital strategy, in collaboration with the Danish Agency for Digitisation, KL- Local Government Denmark and Danish Regions. 

We coordinate and follow up on SDFI's information security strategy. The office develops policies, procedures and regulations for information security and follow up on compliance with these by carrying out the appropriate checks. We also run awareness initiatives and risk assessments related to the current threat scenario. We ensure close coordination on our work on information security and the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Key tasks

  • Standardisation, including ensuring cohesion with general public-sector standardisation
  • Standardisation of such areas as business architecture, IT architecture, choice of platform and choice of application, in the Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure
  • Technology trends, methods and development
  • IT operation, including coordination and follow-up in relation with the Agency for Governmental IT Serices.
  • Coordination, development and operation of the Quality Management System
  • Coordination and standardisation of IT contracts
  • Management of the IT operation budget
  • Information safety, including coordination and follow-up
  • Screening, development and maintenance of the Agency’s IT systems


Head of department: Jesper Stæhr Mikkelsen

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