Public Sector Data Distribution


We develop The Data Distribution Platform and ensure that it works optimally. We also assist the basic data registers in the process of moving data to the Data Distributor, so as to ensure we distribute improved and cohesive basic data.

We work to achieve the easiest possible access to the Data Distributor; ensuring the right documentation is available, and that users can access support in case of issues.

We are constantly working to improve the Data Distributor in cooperation with the service provider of the Data Distributor.


Key tasks

  • Development of the Data Distributor
  • Documentation, answering enquiries, support and improvement of user experiences
  • Coordination with the register authorities and cooperation with basic data users
  • Contract and cooperation with the service provider of the Data Distributor
  • Agreements with other authorities about further data in the Data Distributor


In the department we also host The Danish Register of Underground Cable Owners (LER) which distributes digital cable information from cable owner to excavators.

Head of department: Jesper Weng Haar

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