Faroe Islands

A modern society needs a well-maintained, digital, topographical map foundation that can support all aspects of societal activities. It benefits people, private businesses, as well as the public administration

The Faroe Islands – new land mapping ready in 2018

The Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure has carried out new mapping of The Faroe Islands in collaboration with the Faroese mapping authority “Umhvørvisstovan”.

Data is available during 2018, so that users can combine relevant data for specific purposes. These data will support many users among others, authorities, emergency services and the tourism industry, who will employ the data for thematic maps, spatial planning, rescue actions, etc.

Contrary to mapping data in Denmark and Greenland, mapping data of the Faroe Islands is currently not available as open data.

Collaboration on public tasks

The Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure is working, on an ongoing basis, with the relevant authorities on the Faroe Islands on public tasks to be completed by the Agency. Apart from the above mentioned mapping projects, the Agency is also responsible for maintaining and updating the digital elevation model on the Faroe Islands, which provides the foundation for mapping and other administration tasks.

The Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure also represents the Faroe Islands in various international partnerships, for instance, with EuroGeographics.