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Photos and GeoDanmark-data

GeoDanmark-data constitutes the foundation of the various maps maintained by the Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure. These maps are used in many areas by public and private companies. GeoDanmark-data and GeoDanmark-orthophotos are maintained using national aerial photographs that are taken every spring. The Agency also produces a series of other photo products.


GeoDanmark-data and GeoDanmark-orthophotos form part of the open basic data.

GeoDanmark-data is specifically designed to distinguish between buildings, roads, lakes and forests, and so you can put together a map that corresponds exactly to what you want to communicate.

GeoDanmark-data is maintained annually through a cooperation between the Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure and the municipalities. Data on the five regions is constantly being updated, in a sequential manner. During an update, the whole dataset for that region is reviewed for changes. The remaining four regions are updated based on selections from various casework in municipalities and the state, also called administrative updating. The updates are made using aerial photographs produced nationally every spring with a pixel size of 15cm.

GeoDanmark-data follows a specification that is targeted to the public administration’s need for maps for administrative purposes.

GeoDanmark-orthophotos are created based on national aerial photographs. They have a pixel size of 12.5cm and are available as part of the open data in the Danish Data and Map Supply (Dataforsyningen.dk).

Before the final GeoDanmark-orthophotos are finished, the Quick Orthophotos are posted, which are not geometric or colour-corrected. Quick Orthophotos are also posted as open data in the Danish Data and Map Supply (Dataforsyningen.dk), but are continuously replaced with GeoDanmark-orthophotos, once finished.

Other photo products

The Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure also produce photos that are not part of GeoDanmark.

Every year summer orthophotos are created in cooperation with interested parties. The summer orthophotos are exhibited via a private service through the Danish Data and Map Supply (Dataforsyningen.dk).

The Agency also produces a national dataset of oblique aerial photos biannually.