On numbering issues, applying for numbers and the Telex service in Denmark.


Below you will find English translations of relevant legislation regarding numbering as well as the guide to the Danish numbering plan. Please note that the translations are non-binding. Only the Danish versions of the texts have legal validity.

Act on Electronic Communications Networks and Services

Executive Order on the Overall Danish Numbering Plan

Guide to the Danish Numbering Plan

Operators Clearing House's guide on number portability (in Danish)

Administration of the Danish National Numbering plan

The Danish Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure (SDFI) is responsible for the administration of numbering issues in Denmark, including the National Numbering Plan i.e. the numbering used across the subscriber interface to allow end-users access to telecommunications networks under country code 45.

The National Numbering Plan (only in Danish).

Numbering and providers' contact information

Lists of available and assigned numbering resources as well as contact information for providers that have been assigned numbering resources are available through the Number Register.

Below is the information that the Danish Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure (SDFI) requires in order to process applications for assignment of numbering resources.

Please read the guide to the Danish numbering plan for more information.

Applying for numbering resources

Applications for assignment of numbering resources can be sent by e-mail to The Danish Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure at

Application form

In order to process the application The Danish Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure requires the following information:

Name address and VAT number

Indicate applicant (telecom provider) name and address. Please also provide commercial register number for VAT and tax collection purposes.

Contact information

Indicate responsible contact person, including direct phone number and email address. Information on the contact person will be published in the Number Register.

Type of service

Describe the type of service for use with the applied for numbering resources, e.g. mobile communication fixed or IP telephony etc.

Date of assignment

Indicate desired date for assignment. The date must be no later than 3 months after the date of application.

Please note that the agency charges a fee for each quarter the numbering resources have been assigned i.e. if a numbering resource is assigned on 1 December the fee is charged for the whole of the 4th quarter.

Effective use

To ensure the effective use of the limited numbering resources the applicant must indicate:

  • The total number of numbering resources assigned to the applicant at the time of application.
  • The total number of assigned numbering resources still available to the applicant at the time of application including the number of complete numbering blocks of 10.000 numbers.

Specific numbering resources

Indicate specific numbering resources desired e.g. specific numbering series or codes. Available numbering resources for e.g. mobile or fixed communication may be found in the Number Register

Registration in the Operators Clearing House (OCH)

All assigned numbering resources of the types 8 digit for mobile or fixed communication and 12 digit for M2M services have to be registered in the OCH in order for the provider to be compliant with § 11 and Chapter 3, part 7 in the Act on Electronic Communications Networks and Services. All providers are encouraged to seek information about registration in the OCH's guide on number portability (in Danish).

Applying for short numbers and numbers used for data communication

For applications on short numbers (i.e. 3-6 digit numbers) applicants must provide the applicant information stated above. Furthermore the following information must be provided:

  1. The type of services to be used with the short number.
  2. The number of users who can access the service.
  3. The size of the population who is the target group of the service.
  4. Expectations on the frequency of use of the service.

For applications on numbers used for data communication and for internal numbering addressing and identification the applicant must provide information regarding the applicant as stated above including information on physical address of implementation.

Applying for telex

The telex service in Denmark is administered by two companies: Swisscom and EasyLink. 



Swisscom Fixnet and Easylink Service are licensed to jointly operate the telex service in Denmark.

Telex service in Denmark

Contact information for the two companies responsible for telex services in Denmark. Here is a list of assigned telex numbers (xls).

Swisscom Fixnet Ltd
Telex Operation Management
Ms. Paola Gianinazzi
Tel: +41 91 807 9235
Fax: +41 91 807 9834
Tlx: 45 840 000 cct ch

EasyLink Services Corporation
Director C. Charles Dunlap
Global Business Development
USA Tel: +1 732 652 3817

24/7 Support numbers
Voice: +1 516 671 8000 ext. 138
Voice (emergency only): +1 516 671 8821
Telex: 230 479001 (479001 EZL UI)
Fax: +1 516 671 8817

From one to two providers of telex services

On 31 March 2005 TDC advised the then National IT and Telecom Agency that the company had decided to close down the telex service in Denmark with effect from 30 June 2005. Until then TDC had been the only telex operator in the Danish market. Therefore the decision implied that telex communication would not be directly available in Denmark from 1 July 2005.

Subsequently the National IT and Telecom Agency received enquiries from two companies - Swisscom Fixnet and Easylink Service - both of which wanted to continue the telex service in Denmark.

In view of this the Agency licensed both Swisscom Fixnet and Easylink Service to continue the telex service in Denmark.

From 1 July 2005 the telex service was continued on the basis of joint operation by the two companies.

The service is continued for the existing customers on the respective telex numbers requested by Swisscom Fixnet and Easylink Services for operating the service.