Spatial References

Spatial References manage the Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure’s responsibility as an authority for geodetic infrastructures. This includes implementation of geographical reference systems; such as transformations, registers, focal points and physical installations, as well as national use of positioning data and implementation of Galileo.

Our responsibility extends to Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands, and this work is a prerequisite for an exact and stable place positioning over time.

Place positioning is the foundation both for surveying and land and sea mapping, and for the infrastructure of place-determined information. The geodetic infrastructure also forms the basis for determining the boundaries of the Unity of the Realm.

We also provide quality assurance for private RTK services, thereby enabling users to determine their exact geographical position.

Key tasks

  • Maintenance and development of geodetic infrastructures in Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands
  • Positioning methods and standardisation, and national use of positioning data and the implementation of Galileo into Danish geodetic infrastructure
  • Reference grid, including operation and maintenance of permanent reference stations
  • Precision surveys for determining elevation and positions
  • Cooperation with DTU Space, and research of geodesy and positioning

Head of department: Thorbjørn Kjærshøj Nielsen

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